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Center for Nanobiology and Structural Biology
Institute of Microbiology of the Czech Academy of Sciences
Zamek 136
373 33 Nove Hrady
Czech Republic

Venue for the scientific programme

The course will be held at the Academy and University Center located at Nove Hrady, South Bohemia, Czech Republic, and owned by Czech Academy of Sciences. The Center campus was planned as a graduate school from its inception around year 2000. Its main building, an empire-style chateau from the late 18th century, was renovated to accommodate conferences or specialized courses in systems biology and protein chemistry in its research laboratories. Much of the reconstruction funds came from the European Union via Interreg IIIa to build up an infrastructure for educational purposes. Accommodations, lectures, and experimental work in both wet and computer laboratories are all housed within one building.

The success of the concept is demonstrated by the large number of courses organized or hosted in the last years, including the EMBL Systems Biology Markup Language workshop, the EUROSCITALSCOUT, several Open Science courses and international summer schools, and a bioinformatics workshop. Since 2004 the biannual FEBS course, “Advanced methods in macromolecular crystallography” has been held at the Center. Every fourth year, last in 2017, the Center hosts the Visegrad conference in biophysics, which alternates at sites in Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary. The Center also regularly hosts summer undergraduate research students from the Princeton International Internship program and from a US National Science Foundation Training Site in Molecular Biophysics. The successful organization of the 2014, 2016, 2018 FEBS courses on Ligand-binding confirmed the suitability of the chosen location.

The Chateau itself was built by Buquoys family at the beginning of 19th century and was used as a manor house. The Conference Centre includes a large number of chateau premises. For lecture purposes, the historical rooms such as Mirro Students and participants can be accommodated right in the building of the Chateau. Part of the Conference Centre is a beautiful castle park, which is a perfect place for relaxation or for holding parties or banquets, especially during the summer time.


Event participants will stay directly on campus in the conference center or at a B&B/hotel, which is walking distance from the event venue.  Accommodation will be arranged by the Course Organizers.

Accommodation cost included in the registration fee is for a douple occupancy room. We may consider requests for a single room, subject to availability, and this will be charged at the applicant's expense. 


  • Applications Opening
    27 Jan 2020
  • Youth Travel Fund Grants
    1 July 2022
  • Applications closing
    1 July 2022
  • Closing times: 23:59 (UTC+01:00)

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